Our Story

Pedego was the first brand of electric bike that Kevin used/sold and it has become the primary brand that Let It Ride carries. Kevin tried other brands but was so impressed by the service, quality and support Pedego provides that Let It Ride has become Central Oregon’s only Pedego dealership. We hope that you visit us and…Let It Ride!

Caution - Riding an electric bike will change your life!

Let It Ride was founded in October of 2010

When the owner, Kevin Rea learned about electric bikes and saw the future potential for this new form of fun, fitness and transportation. He was excited by the idea of getting Central Oregonians on these bikes and sharing his enthusiasm for what has become a booming industry with constant change and growth. Kevin foresaw the way that electric bikes could transform our community and provide tangible benefits to peoples’ lives.

Kevin’s family moved to Bend in 1960, when he was 9 years old and the population was only 10,000. He has been actively immersed in the community as a home builder and now, electric bike lifestyle entrepreneur. If you’ve ever met Kevin, you know that this guy is bursting at the seams with excitement about life. One of his mottos is, “onward and upward,” and Kevin truly lives by this saying.

Electric Lunch with Pedego Founders

Upon learning about Pedego Electric Bikes, Kevin visited the company headquarters in California.  A casual talk over lunch with the Pedego co-founders resulted in the purchase of a fleet of Pedego Electric Bikes. Kevin started the business by leasing a shared storefront on Bond Street. At the time, no one else was using electric bikes for tours and he quickly realized that this was a natural fit. He collaborated with The Deschutes County Historical Society to develop an historical tour, creating a fun and educational retelling of Bend’s early beginnings – with a little leg-pulling to spice it up! As a long-time Bend resident, Kevin found this history eye-opening and was having a lot of fun sharing it with others. He’s always looking for solutions and enjoys life at the same time – that’s a shared sentiment amongst the Let It Ride family. We are delighted help people find the fun in life!